Affiliate Disclosure

Hi, You. I sometimes use affiliate links. What that means is that I’ve partnered with another company to get a commission if I refer you to a product that I USE AND THAT I LOVE, and you end up buying something because of it. That’s why I’m providing this affiliate disclosure for this blog, the podcast, and the YouTube channel here.

It’s a really cool way to support the content I create, and doesn’t cost you anything additional.

I love these kinds of win-win-win scenarios, and I hope you find value in them, too. I’m not here to be spammy. And I’m DEFINITELY not here to put you on the wrong path. I just want you to reach your weight loss goals. And sometimes there are products and tools that help make reaching our goals easier or more fun. That’s where my recommendation comes in.

My promise to you is to always be authentic, and only recommend something I really love or use.

Not everyone knows about affiliate partnerships, though, so it’s important that I’m upfront and transparent with you about mine. I didn’t really think about them, either until I started This Authentic Life.

If you’ve clicked a link, or bought a product I recommend, I want to THANK YOU for supporting me! I’m already overwhelmed by the readership of this blog, and I take seriously my authority on the topic of Gastric Bypass and weight loss, and will never lead you astray.

Any questions? Reach out to me at <3

Happy Weight Loss!

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