Alicia loves food, and loves to eat. And more than 5 years out from gastric bypass RNY surgery, all food is an intentional choice.


I had gastric bypass in 2016, at a surgery weight of 312 pounds. My highest weight was over 330 pounds, and we’ll never know the real number because I stopped weighing myself after I reached that high.

I didn’t realize that I’d entered the realms of food addiction until it was taken away from me as a means to escape reality after gastric bypass. I spent a year really learning what non-food coping mechanisms were, and how to recognize and respond to triggers.

It was a rough time.

When I’d finally lost the weight, people treated me so differently. They treated me like a human with worth. After the majority of my life being treated otherwise due to my obesity, I was angry. I’m still angry over it, but I’ve learned how to manage my anger.

It is important for me to share what I’ve learned in recovery from food addiction, losing and keeping the weight off, and maintaining motivation. There are so many people who need help after surgery, and I have to share my knowledge and expertise with them.

I am an accountant by day, and a health expert also by day. I work in downtown Denver in a high-rise as a professional, with all the stress and expectations that come along with that role.

Before I had babies, I played on the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Roller Derby league as a jammer. I love roller skating to this day, though I had to retire from that sport to raise my kids.

Instead, I play rec league soccer (3v3) with my husband, and try not to knock the players around too hard, since soccer is my “gentle” sport after retiring from roller derby.

I never considered myself an athlete, though I was on the golf team and the “fat man’s” track team – doing shot put, discus, and javelin – in high school.

Random Stuff About Me

Raise chickens on my farm

Did I mention I live on a farm?

Associates of Arts – Accounting

Dream about the days when I can return to roller derby – I was voted MVP jammer, btw

Haters gonna hate, I just wanna skate!

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