Once Upon Your Weight Loss | The Novice

Start losing weight by following the steps toward weight loss mastery.

We’ll start with The Novice: The Hero (You) decides which path to take toward Weight Loss Mastery. Now what?

[A quick aside to remember: you, the reader, (not You, The Her

o) might actually be further along on your path than the Novice stage. So, remember the distinction between you, the reader, and You, The Hero, as you, the reader, learns about the ranks on the way to Weight Loss Mastery. Clear as mud? Ok, let’s dive in…]

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Challenge #1: Be The Novice

The Novice, You, either knows nothing at all or knows just enough to be dangerous – to yourself, as well as others.

The Novice’s first impossible task is to put aside everything they already know. And begin to re-learn everything they think they already know – madness! Its harder than it sounds.

It is so hard, especially for a know-it-all like me, to set down that coveted collection of carefully cultivated information. And slowly begin the learning process again.

But with humility and willingness to really understand this time.

We all have a mirror twin, who looks exactly like us, knows all our moves, and knows the buttons to push to trigger our emotions in order to win.

This enemy is Hubris. Hubris is quietly and firmly holding a rope, pulling against us as we try to proceed down our path. Or sometimes standing right in front of us pushing us back.

We can’t recognize them as the enemy, because it’s Us! And we would never hurt Us! But I’ll let you in on the identity of my worst abuser: Me.

Disappointingly anti-climatic, I know. But the secret is in the simplistic. Unless we cut the ties to Hubris, and get over ourselves, progress will be slow and hard, and often we will go backward without even knowing why.

Can Star Wars Teach Us How To Start Losing Weight?

Think about how Luke Skywalker – firmly set in The Novice stage, and still learning the basics – wailed at Yoda, whining and demanding that he knew everything already.

What The Master said could happen felt impossible for The Novice. How could there be expectation for The Novice to understand the Magic of Mastery when the basics were too easy to be deserving of any real dedication?

And so Luke was right: everything Yoda said WAS impossible.

Remember the scene in the bog where Luke tells Yoda that lifting the ship is impossible? And so Yoda does it to shut him up already, often plays in my head on repeat.

Do or do not, there is no try.

Yoda, Jedi Master

It’s my life mantra, and a reminder that I know nothing so I need to stop whining and just Do).

Because even though Luke saw Yoda do this thing that was impossible, Luke still didn’t set down his Hubris and admit he knew nothing.

He just climbed into his ship, and flew away, his Novice level and Yoda’s proof of concept giving him just enough information to be dangerous.

“I know ALL the things now! I am a Weight Loss Master!” The Novice cries, fist shaking mightily toward the sky, as thunder crashes in the distance and lightning cracks to emphasize their new found power.

Blinded by the excitement, The Novice fails to see The Master also throwing arms toward the sky, but in frustrated disappointment – the true source of the thunder and lightening. Created in an attempt to wake The Novice from their delusion, but not succeeding.

Challenge #2: Check Your Path

How To Start Losing Weight
Can The Labyrinth Teach Us How To Start Losing Weight

Determine your right path for weight loss based on how much weight you have to lose to be healthy. Then, any pre-existing medical conditions, and finally, based on your lifestyle.

Don’t determine your path based on what is trendy today.

This is not “The Point Of No Return”. So, keep on the chosen path that leveled you up from The Beginner rank so that you keep moving forward.

Just do more research now while on the path that got you started. That way you can make a change before you are too invested.

And, if you do have to switch paths, don’t forget to set down everything that you learned up to this point so that you can clear Challenge #1 again.

Now that you know about being a Novice, you can check your path for holes and make sure you are on the right path in the first place – one with a Master and not a misguided Novice or Competent.

Can The Labyrinth Teach Us How To Start Losing Weight?

Sarah has to pick between a liar and a truth-teller. They guard the paths leading either to the castle or to certain death.

I won’t spoil the riddle by giving you the answer here, but the moral of the story is that the obvious answer isn’t always the right one.

Long story short, she makes the right choice but STILL hits a pitfall (hello again, Hubris…).

Stay positive! Every time you have to re-do Challenge #1 you will get faster and better at accomplishing it (Bonus Lesson: repetition is a step toward Mastery, so don’t get discouraged in repeating steps).

Challenge #3: Form your Fellowship of the Scale

Having reached a certain level of mastery myself, I can honestly tell you that the secret to how to start losing weight is made up of some really simple steps.

But along our entirely unique paths we inevitably come across some seemingly insurmountable obstacles or “interesting” challenges that are not even weight loss related.

Yet, these challenges completely prevent weight loss progress.

These obstacles can’t always be tackled alone, and many Novices do not know who or how to ask for help.

A great place to start is with your family doctor, a therapist, and a trained religious leader, like a Pastor or Rabbi. Why all the fuss?

Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are the three travelers with you on The Path.

Though, the latter two are usually not even acknowledged as they are not tangible, yet incredibly heavy.

Getting these three advisors on your team can help you identify the unique obstacles your travel companions bring along so you can remove them from The Path, and actually make some progress.

Don’t go alone.

Can Zelda Teach Us How To Start Losing Weight
Can Zelda Teach Us How To Start Losing Weight

Challenge #4: Do As You Are Asked

Once you’ve set out on your path, be it Noom, Weight Watchers, a personal trainer, Nutrisystem, regular visits with a nutritionist, or bariatric surgery, your only task now is to learn.

The Novice is expected to fail, and get it wrong more than they get it right. The Novice is working toward proficiently performing basic tasks, and that’s it.

There are no other expectations. They need constant supervision, and support. Novices don’t know anything, really, and should not pretend they do.

They definitely shouldn’t start experimenting or leading others with their tiny glimpse of understanding.

This is the fastest indicator that you know you are following a real Master versus someone with a lower rank still traveling on The Path: a Master will give clear, easy, basic instructions on what to do to be successful, not vagueness or promises for a quick fix.

The Novice needs to work on getting the basics down as best as possible. There is time for creativity and experimenting later.

Now is not that time. Do the boring, basic work, and work on doing it well. This is the time to learn How. Not to learn Why… just How.

You Can Start Losing Weight!

These four challenges will set You, The Hero, for success and lay a strong foundation that will streamline the way to Weight Loss Mastery.

Don’t skip any challenges and don’t look for cheat code or hacks. Get the basics down. That’s it. Keep it simple.

Tell me which Novice you most identify (or identified with if you’ve leveled up) with in the comments below. Is it someone on this list or someone else?

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For most of my life I was overweight. In my 30s, I became morbidly obese, tipping the scales over 330 pounds. After trying and failing at every diet, I decided to get gastric bypass RNY weight loss surgery. Since 2016 I have been living a much healthier life, I hit my weight loss goals, but more importantly, understand weight loss now. I am determined to share what I now know.

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