Once Upon Your Weight Loss | Beginner To Novice

Let’s think about weight loss for beginners, as if you were The Hero in your own story. This series is inspired by the work of Karl Jung, a father of our modern psychology.

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The Beginner is presented with The Question: How to Lose Weight, and is seeking The Answer.

The Hero, Rank: Beginner

Picture You (The Hero), minding your own business, things are moving along, you’re just working your regular daily routine and then BAM!

The Significant Other betrays The Hero, The Doctor calls with some alarming results, or You fell down a rabbit hole, ate too many of the things labeled “Eat Me”, and now are literally as big as a house.

Weight Loss For Beginners
Don’t Let Weight Loss For Beginners Surprise You

It doesn’t matter the catalyst. What matters is that something caused you to lift your head above the fog of daily life, because The Question: “How To Lose Weight?” presented itself in a way that woke you up. Sometimes, ok oftentimes, The Hero will put their head back down into the fog. Maybe The Thing wasn’t big enough or The Hero is in denial about The Thing. And so the Universe pushes again, and again, and again. Until the Hero can no longer deny that it is time to Find The Answer.

You, The Hero, begin to search for The Answer by opening your computer browser and typing in The Question.

Congratulations! Achievement Unlocked: Taking Action!

A Google search of The Question: “How To Lose Weight?” results in an Ad for Nutrisystem promising results in 1 week. Next is Weight Watchers or Noom. Then 9 weight loss tips. Then a section on how other people are searching for how to lose weight fast, and You haven’t even started scrolling.

Having no real knowledge on the subject, the first thing You understand is that this quest is going to be over FAST! There are so many options, so many different paths to take, and they all promise fast results! So, the Hero picks their poison and starts on step one of their chosen action.

Congratulations! Achievement Unlocked: Decisive Action!

You Have Leveled Up!! New Rank: Novice

The Hero, Rank: Novice

This mastery thing is going to be a piece of cake! Mmm… cake. You’ve already leveled up and you just started! You, The Hero, follow the steps for a week, maybe two, and hey – actually lose a little weight. See! You knew this would be cake! Mmm… cake.

It’s time for a reward for such good results. Here’s an idea from the internet, let’s have a cheat day! Cake, anyone? The Hero is deserving of nice things in life, so they eat some cake. A slice, two slices, the whole thing, it’s all the same…

Moving from Beginner to Novice seems like the easiest step in the world. All you have to do is to pick a curriculum, and start. How hard is that? So easy.

Now, little does the Hero know, that there is an interesting twist brewing in their story right about here. Life is very subtle, and we often miss when we are presented with Choice.

In this Pick-Your-Own-Adventure story here are the choices our hero isn’t even aware they are presented with:

  1. Slip back into the fog, lose the Novice rank, go back to the regularly programmed machine of daily routine, and wait until the Universe ups the ante forcing the Beginner to start again.
  2. Dabble in the Novice stage, not really committing to any one program, taking bits and pieces from all of them, but not getting great results, and stagnating on the path.
  3. Find a real Master, and commit to that program.

Weight Loss For Beginners and Novices

There are so many different Masters with so many different Paths. Which one is right for you?

I can’t tell you that, just like I can’t tell you when you are ready to start. This is a personal thing, and that means you’re going to have to try (and fail) a few times, and figure out what works for you and what definitely does not work.

It’s why the majority of people stay in the Beginner or Novice rank forever. They don’t realize they need to try, and commit to, many different things before they find what works for them. Its understandable, too, because that’s a lot of failures to ask The Hero to endure.

But think on this, if you started a new job in a new industry right out of high school, you would be a Novice. You would have to learn exactly how to do your job, and you would be saying “Show me how to do this.” And maybe you would decide that job wasn’t a good fit, and try something else.

Weight loss doesn’t get that same reaction, since we have all been feeding ourselves since we graduated out of toddlerhood. Whatever we try should just work the first time, right?

I ended up following The Path of Gastric Bypass (RNY, specifically) set down and guided by a set of Masters in their own areas of study: my surgeon, a nutritionist, and a therapist. This was by no means the first path I tried, though. I did Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, saw a weight loss doctor where I was prescribed Phentermine and an eating plan, countless magic pills, Atkins, hypnosis, and who even remembers what else. 

And so, by the time I hit my 30s, and 300+ lbs, I was desperate. I wanted kids, but my body couldn’t sustain two of us. That’s when I started flirting with weight loss surgery, went to a seminar, got serious, and never looked back.

Definitely Looking For Weight Loss For Beginners
Definitely Looking For Weight Loss For Beginners

That was the first time I ever really leveled up from Beginner to Novice and truly started down the path to mastery. Have you committed to a path yet?

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For most of my life I was overweight. In my 30s, I became morbidly obese, tipping the scales over 330 pounds. After trying and failing at every diet, I decided to get gastric bypass RNY weight loss surgery. Since 2016 I have been living a much healthier life, I hit my weight loss goals, but more importantly, understand weight loss now. I am determined to share what I now know.

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